Cindy Koepp

Writing on the Edge

Loyalty Might Get You Killed.

The Condemned Courier is a serial published through JukePop Serials.This was a different kind of adventure for me.  Normally, I have a whole slew of notes, maps, drawings, character notes, plot details, even whole conversations written out before I start writing the actual story.  JukePop works on a different model called "agile publishing."  Writers put together a chapter and publish it online through the site.  Then folks get to make comments and suggestions of which way to take the story next.  The writer maintains control and can choose which suggestions to take, but the idea is more collaborative.

This particular tale is a fantasy in which an avian courier is sent to do a bit of spying.  She's discovered, unfortunately, and has to battle her way out and make it back to her king with the information about who the traitors in the kingdom really are.

JukePop is live!!  The Condemned Courier is now available for reading.


The Condemned Courier has now completed it's tour with JukePop.  The serial is still available on JukePop along with many other interesting tales, but PDMI Publishing, LLC is interested in publishing a novel version with expanded information about the Aelstrians court and Addya's relationship with the throne.