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A group of GameLit/LitRPG writers support the Australia wildfire efforts.

A crossover of epic proportions in 'Hell's Glitch vs Psy-Hunters' by Belart Wright, a first taste of Troy Osgood’s upcoming series Battlefield Online, sequels like E.M. Swift-Hook’s ‘Return to Wrathburnt Sands’, Cindy Koepp’s ‘Up a Tree’, and Nathaniel Webb’s ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ set in ‘Expedition Summerlands’. Journey into Hades Online with Alex Itsios. Take a look into the future of ‘The Fifth Survivor’ series by Angel Ramon, a prequel to Star Divers by Stephen Landry, and ‘The Trashman’ by Taj McCoy El. Volume 2 is this and so much more including new LitRPG, Sci-fi, and Fantasy stories from many established and emerging authors. More hope, more rescue, more gaming. It is our hope that these stories both inspire you and help make a difference. Here you are the hero.

All profits from this anthology go to support WIRES, whose mission is the rescue and rehabilitation of Australian wildlife.

Together we stand and rise.

Together we protect and recover.

Up a Tree: Leif and his friends are back, but their role playing plans get interrupted again when a high-level group sets up in a treetop to snipe at lower-leveled players.