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Other People Say...

J. Sexton on

This book reminded me very much of Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey. A female teen lead faces obstacles based upon low expectations of her gender. She is actually fairly competent for her age and she has helpful advisers. While I wish the villain hadn't been revealed as early as in the story, it did let me watch the wicked goings-on.

I did like the role that religion played. It made it stand out from so many other coming of age fantasy novels. I also loved the gryphons.

The thing that knocked it down it a 4.5 star book was the ending. It left me feeling flat. When a character grows as much as Princess Elaina did, I want the growth to be recognized. I didn't feel it was. I hope that there's a sequel that gives Elaina a chance to show her growth was permanent.

photo credit: pedrosimoes7 via photopin cc