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Where Else to Find Me

Facebook Author Page


... I admit I don't play much on Twitter.


Book Trailer for Remnant in the Stars and The Loudest Actions

Guest Blog Posts

10 Commandments of Manuscript Formatting

-- A guest blog on Au Courant

Historical Re-enactment on Janalyn Voigt's blog

Guest Blog on Reader's Realm

-- A glossary of terms used by writers.

Developing a New Culture

-- Guest blog post on Suite T

Guest Post on Au Courant: "Ten Commandments of Manuscript Formatting"

Guest blogs on Christ's Glory, Not Mine

"8 I Am Statements" and "3 Lessons from Esther"

Hugos and Nebulas Challenge

The beginning of a series on Au Courant.


Ralene Burke's blog -- character interview

-- A character from Remnant in the Stars interviews one from The Condemned Courier

Amazing Stories Interview

-- Dianne Gardner of Amazing Stories interviewed me about the background of Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo.

Amazing Stories

An interview about Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo

Other Cool Stuff

Megan Morales' quick mini-blurb

-- Kind words from fellow a PDMI author

Partial Translation of a Renaissance Rapier Manual

-- which I hazarded years ago. Wow, what a challenge.

Clive Staples Award Nomination List

Book Spotlights

Reader's Realm

-- A quick blurb about Drug War, which later turned into Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo

Rock Thiz Magazine -- Remnant in the Stars Spotlight

Book listing on One Shot Pitch

7th Star Press' anthology announcements

-- about both Hero's Best Friend and Tales of the Seelie Court

Speculative Faith -- Remnant in the Stars spotlight

J.L. Mbewe's blog -- reference to Remnant in the Stars

Hero's Best Friend spotlight

Aquasynthesis Again spotlight

Armand Rosamilia -- Spotlights on Hero's Best Friend and Tales of the Seelie Court

Book Spotlight on Emily Guido's Light Bearer

An excerpt and other fun stuff about Mindstorm: Parley at Ologo

Martha's Library -- Aquasynthesis Again spotlight

Fiction DB

... entry for Like Herding to the Wind

Catch a Falling Star

A review of Like Herding the Wind

Tomorrow Comes Media Blog Tour for

Book Links -- Fiction

Remnant in the Stars on Amazon

-- In paperback and ebook formats.

Lines of Succession

-- Fantasy book released by Under the Moon

Hero's Best Friend

-- My short story "The Hat" appears here.

A Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court

-- My short story "The Last Mission" appears here.

Aquasynthesis Again

-- My short story "The Negotiator" appears here.

Heather Titus' Magical Ink blog

-- My flash fiction piece "Terms of Service" appears here.

Medieval Mars Anthology

-- My short story "The Dragon's Bane" is in here.

The Loudest Actions

... The sequel to Remnant in the Stars

Avatars of Web Surfer

My short stories "Interference," "Jewel Among the Stones," "The Fall of the Invincible Man," and "Hard Knocks" are in here.

Book Links -- Education

Crunchy Word Problems and Other Brain Challenges

In ebook format.

Language Arts Centers for Intermediate Grades

In ebook format.

Writing Prompts for Intermediate Grades

In ebook format.

Books I've Edited

God's Character: A Thirty-One Day Devotional (For Christ's Glory I Seek Book 1)

by Andrea Graham

by Gwen Whiting