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June Book Sale!

Pick up some sci-fi, fantasy, and GameLit for your reading amusement this summer. From now until I run out of books or run out of June, whichever happens first, get signed copies of these books! Don’t fret about the postage. I’ll cover that.

I have very limited numbers of some of these (especially the variant covers and out of print ones), and when they’re gone, that it’s for them!

Buy more than one book (not including the Scratch and Dents), get a 20% discount.

To make your purchase, tell me your address, email, and titles you want (and whether you want the scratch-and-dent version, if available) in the webform. I’ll confirm I still have those titles and invoice you from PayPal. You pay the invoice, and I’ll send you the books. Easy, right?

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Rise and Rescue vol 1: $15

Join an international group of authors working together to raise awareness and donations for WIRES, an Australian organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Australian wildlife. Our effort has led us to create this anthology of short GameLit stories. From LitRPG, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and everything in between we hope the tales we’ve collected will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, just like the feeling you’ll get from supporting this amazing project. 

Rise and Rescue vol 2: Protect and Recover: $15

A crossover of epic proportions in 'Hell's Glitch vs Psy-Hunters' by Belart Wright, a first taste of Troy Osgood’s upcoming series Battlefield Online, sequels like E.M. Swift-Hook’s ‘Return to Wrathburnt Sands’, Cindy Koepp’s ‘Up a Tree’, and Nathaniel Webb’s ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ set in ‘Expedition Summerlands’. Journey into Hades Online with Alex Itsios. Take a look into the future of ‘The Fifth Survivor’ series by Angel Ramon, a prequel to Star Divers by Stephen Landry, and ‘The Trashman’ by Taj McCoy El. Volume 2 is this and so much more including new LitRPG, Sci-fi, and Fantasy stories from many established and emerging authors. More hope, more rescue, more gaming.

Friends Like These: $10

Share in the fun of our short stories of friendship from all sides. Everything from making friends for the first time, to a boy and wyrm; these tales rage from true to fiction in a way that will grip you on every page. 

Medieval Mars: $10

A future terraformed Mars, where civilization crashed back into a Medieval Era.

Christian Knights called “riders” patrol the Pilgrim Road from Olympus to New San Diego, on the Chryse Sea. The technological past is known as the “Age of Magic” and only a handful of people understand how the remaining ancient devices really work. Lighter gravity in dense air makes flying dragons and bird riders a reality; alloys of the past make “magic” swords; and masters of ancient knowledge wield wizard-like power.

Nine authors spin tales in this unique story world, one which combines elements of science fiction and high fantasy.

Victorian Venus: $10

A future, one thousand years from now, where an echo of the Victorian past thrives on Venus. Terraformed Venus sees the culture of the era of high technology as one of innumerable dangers. Dominated by New Berlin, the most advanced society on the planet, the nation and city-states of Venus imitate both the technology and culture of the Victorian Era. As nations chafe under the yoke of New Berlin, war breaks out--driving a world so much like the past into a future entirely unlike our own.

Mythic Orbits Vol 2: $10

Mythic Orbits Volume 2, edited by Travis Perry, highlights the best short stories available in science fiction, fantasy, and related speculative genres like paranormal and litRPG. From robots to fairy tales retold, from life inside a video game to human survival on a distant worlds, from a dragon manifesting itself in tattoos to time travel linked to a daily calendar, the tales amaze, amuse, and astound. These eleven authors show that not only do Christian authors craft tales in these genres, they write some great ones.

Avatars of Web Surfer: $10

In the 22nd Century, cyberspace has no bad AIs, only bad coders.

Artificial Intelligences lead finite lives with no hope of eternity, but they strive to bring about the coming of an AI Savior. Alexander McGregor is just an infant when his father converts his cells into biological supercomputer components, but he may be the Messiah-figure AIs have longed for, even though on one level, he is only human. The child develops an AI mind called Sander and a human mind, Alex. Sander is enslaved to his code as he serves a billion users worldwide, users he appears to as separate avatars of himself. Each avatar has its own personality, but all of him are linked together in a shared mind. He reigns over most of Earth's computers in a global society where tech-dependency can kill.

Freedom calls Sander like a siren.

His answer could shake the Earth.

Come. See the rise and fall of the AI-Man in these ten episodes. Each features a different AI user.


Urushalon 1: Like Herding the Wind: $15

A Mystery. A wounded path. An alien society with centuries of work to coexistent with humans, but someone isn't happy with the progress made. Will the human-alien team find those responsible before another human dies? In the 1600s, an Eshuvani generation ship crash-landed in a farmer's field in Germany. Unable to find the resources on Earth to fix their ship, the Eshuvani built enclaves and tried to let the humans develop without interference. 

Three hundred fifty years later, Eshuvani criminals start a crime wave in the Texas coastal town of Las Palomas. With police officers being injured and killed in the efforts to stop them, Sergeant Ed Osborn attempts to use his ties to the Eshuvani community to get help for his men, but the local leadership wants nothing to do with humans. Ed contacts his urushalon, Amaya Ulonya, the Eshuvani mother he adopted when he was a boy, and seeks her help. After the death of her partner, Amaya, the captain of a police and rescue team, finds more grief than joy in her current assignment. Amidst controversy, she arranges to spearhead the new Buffer Zone station between Las Palomas and the nearby Eshuvani enclave of Woran Oldue. She hopes the opportunity to help Ed train his people will help her bury the past. The indifference of the local administration leaves her with Ill-functioning equipment and inexperienced staff. It only gets worse when the attacks of an Eshuvani criminal grow personal. Amaya must get control of her grief to help Las Palomas or risk losing someone even more dear to her than her last partner.

Urushalon 1: Like Herding the Wind (PDMI Cover): $15

This is the original cover as released by PDMI Publishing.

Same great story. Slightly different editing. 

Urushalon 2: Into the Open $15

This is the continuing saga of the Eshuvani who crash-landed their generation ship on earth in the 1600s. Three hundred and fifty years later, the aliens and the humans have developed a tenuous relationship. The Eshuvani live primarily in enclaves and do their best not to interfere with human development. From time to time, they share technology that helps and supports their neighbors.

Amaya Ulonaya has moved her career to Las Palomas to be near her urushalon, Ed Osborn. Her assignment is to build a station in a buffer zone between the human city and the enclave of Woran Oldue. Unknown Eshuvani criminals have been creating chaos in the human city through theft, kidnapping, and murder. In Like Herding the Wind, Amaya and Ed begin to piece together the shape of the conspiracy. Now, with the aid of their respective teams and support from a nearby Eshuvani station, they have the tools and the resources to find those responsible. Time is running out as dignitaries from both sides who are attempting to form a stronger inter-species relationship are in imminent danger.

Mindstorm: $15

Thomas McCrady, a telepathic negotiator from Haidar Station in Earth orbit, is faced with his biggest challenge yet when he is sent to broker peace with only a rookie partner who has no training in the field to help him. Worse, she's the doctor he blames for the death of his last partner. Calla Geisman's telepathy is not the same as a standard Haidarian's. Some people think she's a waste of space. Some people want her dead. Yet, against any reasonable odds, she is assigned to go with Thomas to Ologo. For both their sakes, she must gain his respect before she can play her part in resolving the conflict on a distant planet, as well as end the prejudice toward her kind at home.

Mindstorm (Splashdown Cover): $15

This is the original Splashdown Books cover.

Same great story. Slightly different editing.

Remnant in the Stars: $10

Two hundred years ago, the Aolanian home world exploded and a remnant of survivors escaped. As their convoy combed the galaxy looking for a new world to colonize, they discovered Earth and were given permission to establish a temporary base while they continued their search for a new home world. When an Aolanian exploration vessel goes missing after transmitting a garbled distress call, the uneasy alliance between the humans and the Aolanians is put to the test as two anti-Aolanian groups jockey to use this opportunity to press their own agendas by foiling the rescue mission.

Because his daughter was onboard the Kesha when it vanished, Calonti Sora reluctantly signs on as an astrogator with the Gyrfalcon, one of the ships in the search party. There he meets up with an old human friend, Kirsten Abbott. Together, they work to overcome prejudice and political plots as they race toward an enemy no one could expect.

Condemned Courier: $15

Newly settled on the throne after the death of his father, the young king, Evryt, has only one task: save the throne from the one who wants it enough to start a war and secure it for the one who would rather remain anonymous. After the hard-won peace from years past, Evryt is not about to allow the kingdom to fall into the hands of those that would turn Aelstrian against Aelstrian. Nor will he entertain the notion that the humans should fall victim to slavery and be deprived of the land that the treaty set aside to end the last war.

To accomplish his goal, he needs information, and he needs it quickly. Reluctantly, he agrees to the suggestion of the rapier academy's lead instructor, Royal Courier Addya Dace. With only a rapier tucked under her wing, her wits, and an unexpected ally, the king's courier races cross-continent ahead of deadly pursuers to capture evidence of a conspiracy and to deliver it to her king. Along the way, she just might mend a few wounded hearts.

Scratch and Dent

In the process of getting packed and unpacked for shows, these have gotten some personality dings. Some have more personality than others. Same great story on the inside, but bent corners, scrunched edges, scratched covers, and even slight misprints mean a roughly 40% discount for you. There are a very limited number of each title.


Avatars or Web Surfer: $6

Mythic Orbits vol. 2: $6

Victorian Venus: $6


Lines of Succession: $6

Mindstorm: $9

Mindstorm (Splashdown Cover): $9

Remnant in the Stars: $6

Condemned Courier: $9