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Hooked by Kati's Vincent the Dragon - $50


These are based on the Vincent the Dragon pattern from Hooked by Kati.

The pattern is modular, so a few different poses are possible. The regular pose is like the black one in the picture (except I turned his head to look to the side). The gray one leaning off the table is another option. I've also done one that was leaning on one elbow or had its head down on its hands.

These are made to order! ... And dependent on finding materials to match your request.

In other words, I don't have it made already, and it might take  6-8 weeks to get it made. The ones shown in the picture are examples ONLY.

Size depends on how bulky the yarn is and the posture it's in, but they average about a foot high and about 18" long or so ... and in the usual configuration, the tail drops about 9" below the table surface.

Please leave me your email address so I can contact you about the particulars of your order (colors, and so on).

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