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Urushalon 1 and 2: Like Herding the Wind and Into the Open 2-fer - $25


Get both Urushalon books. Normally, they'd be $30 for the pair.

Urushalon 1: Like Herding the Wind

A Mystery. A wounded path. An alien society with centuries of work to coexistent with humans, but someone isn't happy with the progress made. Will the human-alien team find those responsible before another human dies? In the 1600s, an Eshuvani generation ship crash-landed in a farmer's field in Germany. Unable to find the resources on Earth to fix their ship, the Eshuvani built enclaves and tried to let the humans develop without interference. Three hundred fifty years later, Eshuvani criminals start a crime wave in the Texas coastal town of Las Palomas. With police officers being injured and killed in the efforts to stop them, Sergeant Ed Osborn attempts to use his ties to the Eshuvani community to get help for his men, but the local leadership wants nothing to do with humans. Ed contacts his urushalon, Amaya Ulonya, the Eshuvani mother he adopted when he was a boy, and seeks her help. After the death of her partner, Amaya, the captain of a police and rescue team, finds more grief than joy in her current assignment. Amidst controversy, she arranges to spearhead the new Buffer Zone station between Las Palomas and the nearby Eshuvani enclave of Woran Oldue. She hopes the opportunity to help Ed train his people will help her bury the past. The indifference of the local administration leaves her with Ill-functioning equipment and inexperienced staff. It only gets worse when the attacks of an Eshuvani criminal grow personal. Amaya must get control of her grief to help Las Palomas or risk losing someone even more dear to her than her last partner.

Urushalon 2: Into the Open

This is the continuing saga of the Eshuvani who crash-landed their generation ship on earth in the 1600s. Three hundred and fifty years later, the aliens and the humans have developed a tenuous relationship. The Eshuvani live primarily in enclaves and do their best not to interfere with human development. From time to time, they share technology that helps and supports their neighbors.

Amaya Ulonaya has moved her career to Las Palomas to be near her urushalon, Ed Osborn. Her assignment is to build a station in a buffer zone between the human city and the enclave of Woran Oldue. Unknown Eshuvani criminals have been creating chaos in the human city through theft, kidnapping, and murder. In Like Herding the Wind, Amaya and Ed begin to piece together the shape of the conspiracy. Now, with the aid of their respective teams and support from a nearby Eshuvani station, they have the tools and the resources to find those responsible. Time is running out as dignitaries from both sides who are attempting to form a stronger inter-species relationship are in imminent danger.

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