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The Bird's Word

The Bird's Word


Posted by Cindy on March 16, 2014 at 3:15 PM

Judging from how wet my veggies are when they get to me, you humans believe in washing your food before you eat it. That's another great thing you have in common with birds. The difference, though, is that you wash your food and then typically heat it up before you eat it. I've seen my human eat soup, but your soup is made deliberately. Bird soup, on the other wing, is a tasty byproduct of our amazing cleanliness.

Most of the time, I trust my human's cleanliness. She's pretty cautious about everything else. Sometimes, though, things happen. The dogs come into the room. They are undoubtedly able to mess up my food by just being in the room.  Sometimes, I just know my food has gotten dirty. There may not have been anything I could see, but sometimes, sometimes I just know something was in my apartment and messed with my food. The only thing left to do is wash it again.

Washing food is easy.  Grab your food with your beak and carry it over to your water bowl.  Dunk the food into the water.  If you think the food has gotten really dirty, you might want to drop your food in there and leave it to float for a few minutes.

Invariably, when you retrieve your food from the bath, some will stay behind and add to your soup.  Depending on what you have to eat that day, you'll have some tasty soup.  In general, my soup has some peas, carrots, corn, beans, seeds, and pellet pieces.  I dunk my crackers in to get a little salt in my soup.

Someitmes, I try out some weird soups, like when I have an oatmeal box to shred.  I drop some of the shredded box into my water. I've tried it a few times, but I think there are better ways to get fiber.  Unlike my veggies and crackers, dunking cardboard doesn't make it more edible.  Chewy, yes, but not very good for soup.

You should try out some soup of your own.  My human just started a new group on Facebook to share recipes for soup and other things.  Go check it out and post your own favorite soup recipe.

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